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Friday 11 September, 2020 | RSS Feed

The Difference between flue-cured and mixed cigarettes (I)

We all know that there are different flavors of wine, and the same is true of cigarettes, which are flue-cured and mixed, so as a smoker, do you know the difference between the two?
Number one: Different recipes
Cigarettes are formulated in different ways and taste very different, with different proportions of leaves being mixed to form different types of cigarettes. In general, flue-cured tobacco cigarette formulations use all or most of the flue-cured tobacco leaf. After curing, the shelf life of tobacco leaves was prolonged and the flavor was improved. General flue-cured tobacco type cigarettes have a similar flue-cured tobacco flavor. In China, flue-cured tobacco cigarettes are still the mainstream, and most of the cigarettes sold in the market are flue-cured tobacco. Blended cigarettes are made up of flue-cured, flavored, burley and Maryland leaves in varying proportions, a complex process that is said to take up to two years to complete.
Number two: from different countries
Flue-cured tobacco originated in Britain and was first represented by "555". However, after the 1970s, in order to adapt to the international trend of mixed cigarettes, some air-drying cigarettes were added to the formula. The style of the 555 has also changed, but it is still dominated by the flue-cured tobacco style.
Mixed cigarettes were created in the United States. In 1913, J.C. Olds Tobacco Company created Camel brand cigarettes with flue-cured tobacco, Turkish tobacco (flavored tobacco) and Burley tobacco, which is the earliest mixed cigarette. Other common brands of mixed cigarettes include Marlboro, Kingston and Winston. Many people like Marlboro cigarettes because they taste good enough. Would you like to try them?
Today we have introduced two differences between flue-cured and mixed cigarettes. Do you know any other differences?

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