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Saturday 12 September, 2020 | RSS Feed

The Difference between Flue-cured and mixed cigarettes (II)

Yesterday we introduced two differences between flue-cured and mixed cigarettes, and today we are going to introduce another difference between flue-cured and mixed cigarettes.
The first point is the difference in flavor between flue-cured and mixed cigarettes. Mixed cigarettes can vary in flavor due to more spices added and different types of tobacco. The flavors vary from brand to brand, so there are a lot of choices. And flue-cured tobacco, I don't know if you've noticed, but different brands of cigarettes at the same price have very similar, very similar tastes. This is because flue-cured tobacco cigarettes are made from a single ingredient. In general, Flue-cured cigarettes are considered stronger by Chinese smokers. American smokers, on the other hand, prefer blended cigarettes, which have a wide variety of choices, because there are many RACES and different skin colors in the United States, and they all have different tastes.
The second point is the difference in tar content between flue-cured and mixed cigarettes. The biggest difference between flue-cured and mixed cigarettes is the amount of tar. The traditional perception of mixed cigarettes is "low tar". In recent years, China's tobacco industry has carried out a series of technical solutions of "reducing coke and reducing harm", which has gradually reduced the tar content of flue-cured tobacco and made some products equal to the tar content of mixed cigarettes.
So now you know the difference between a flue-cured cigarette and a hybrid cigarette? For smokers, flue-cured or mixed cigarettes are fine as long as they are to their taste. With so many American smokers, I am sure you will like Newport Menthol Cigarettes. Our online store offers a super Cheap Newport cigarettes. Come in and have a look, you will surely have a great harvest.

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