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Tuesday 15 September, 2020 | RSS Feed

The difference between women's cigarettes and men's cigarettes

A long time ago, almost only men smoked, so there were only men's cigarettes on the market, but now a lot of women are also smoking, so there are women's cigarettes on the market. Do you know the difference between women's cigarettes and men's cigarettes?
First of all, the taste is different. Women's cigarettes are generally slender and compact, mostly with a fruity taste, mainly light and sweet. Men's cigarettes are mainly the natural flavor of tobacco, characterized by mellow aroma and no odor.
Secondly, the packaging is different. Women's cigarettes use fashionable and bright colors, while men's cigarettes use traditional colors to highlight their mature and rough personality. However, although there are differences in appearance or packaging, shape, and taste, they are all made of tobacco, and there is no difference in essence, and they are also harmful to health.
In addition, there are relatively few types of women's cigarettes, and the prices are medium, while there are many types of men's cigarettes. There are cheap men's cigarettes, and some are very expensive, and there are many price points to choose from.
For the current cigarette market, there is more room for men's cigarettes. But whether it's women's cigarettes or men's cigarettes, smoking is bad for your health, and if you can quit smoking, that's your best bet.
But the prices of cigarettes are high these days, so many smokers find cheaper cigarettes. Our cigarette website offers Newport and Marlboro cigarettes, which are very cheap and you can afford them. The more you buy, the lower the price you will get.

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