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Wednesday 16 September, 2020 | RSS Feed

Smoking people how to get rid of bad breath

We all know that people who smoke a lot have yellow teeth and bad breath. For those who smoke, do you know how to get rid of bad breath? Now let me tell you.
First is to drink more water, this is to reduce halitosis more effective method, if often feel throat has foreign body feeling, suggest you use fat sea or tangerine peel bubble water to drink. Remember to drink it regularly. It doesn't work if you drink it occasionally.
Second, eat gum or a throat patch after you smoke, which temporarily relieves the smell of smoke in your mouth. It makes people around you feel less miserable, and it helps to reduce mucus and halitosis.
Still have, want to pay attention to food at ordinary times, had better not eat sour and spicy, seafood kind to the food that has stimulation to the throat. Because people who smoke are more likely to have reactions to these foods, which can lead to things like smelly mouth and yellow teeth.
The last is to often pay attention to oral hygiene, every day to brush your teeth, and the best two times a day or so, in the morning and in the evening, the condition allows, can be three times a day. In short, it is better to gargle in time after meals.
Of course, the most fundamental way to get rid of bad breath is to quit smoking, as non-smokers are less likely to develop bad breath, but many people can't give up smoking, so those who do need to pay more attention to these little habits can help your bad breath.
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