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Thursday 17 September, 2020 | RSS Feed

How can teeth turn white after smoking?

Everyone knows that if you smoke for too long, your teeth tend to turn yellow. This makes many people who love beauty and pay attention to image feel distressed, how can the teeth become white? To understand how teeth turn white, the first thing to understand is why smoking causes teeth to turn yellow.
We all know that smoking causes your teeth to turn yellow because the yellow substance in tobacco sticks to your teeth. It's inevitable for smokers, so do you know how to whiten your teeth?
There are dental clinics all over the place that can provide teeth cleaning, bleaching, and whitening, including the current popular paste whitening. However, all of these have great damage to the surface of the teeth, the best way is to use external dental powder for auxiliary brushing, long-term persistence, to achieve the effect of teeth whitening.
Do you know how to protect your teeth now? And if you want to know more about Newport cigarettes and Marlboro cigarettes online, our cigarette website can provide more information.

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