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Friday 18 September, 2020 | RSS Feed

Are cigarette filters useful?

With the development of society, cigarettes are now exquisitely made, and every cigarette has a filter. Almost all smokers think that filters can filter out some harmful substances and reduce the harm of smoking, but do filters really filter out harmful substances?
In fact, cigarette filters do not have any health benefits for smokers. On the contrary, in the 50 years after the advent of filters, smokers' cancer risk has increased. After all, cigarette filters are actually just a marketing tool for cigarette manufacturers. Consumers believe that cigarettes with filters not only taste better, but also reduce the harm of smoking. Therefore, no matter how many cigarette filters are added or the length is increased, it is just psychological comfort.
As far as I know, the cigarettes currently on sale have a low tar content, and there is no need for filters to further reduce the tar. The main material of filter tip is: vinegar fiber filter tip. Cigarette holder will accumulate a large amount of harmful substances in the process of smoking. From the analysis of inhaled smoke, it is indeed effective to reduce the toxicity, but the filter bit in the mouth can still absorb a large amount of harmful substances through the mouth. And that harm is not currently being tested by tobacco companies. Cigarette filters can only effectively reduce the toxic substances in inhaled smoke particles, but also allow the oral mucosa to ingest large amounts of toxic substances.
So smokers should not rely on filters to reduce the harm of smoking. Only by quitting smoking can there be no harm. If you are also a smoker, would you choose a filter or quit smoking?

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