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Monday 21 September, 2020 | RSS Feed

The difference between exported and domestic cigarettes

Every country has different types of cigarettes. There are many famous cigarette brands that export cigarettes to other countries, but each country has different requirements and specifications for cigarettes, so there are some differences between exported cigarettes and domestic cigarettes.
If you have ever been abroad, there are many domestic cigarettes in the duty-free shops of the airport, but the packaging of these cigarettes is printed with the words for export, and they look very upscale. If you buy them, you will find that they are cheaper than domestic cigarettes. Why is that?
In fact, the biggest difference between exported cigarettes and domestic cigarettes is the price difference. Exported cigarettes are cheaper than domestic cigarettes, at least 20% cheaper, because there is no tobacco tax on exported cigarettes. Although it is cheaper to export cigarettes, and the raw materials of exported cigarettes are the same as those of domestic cigarettes, there are some other differences. For example, the difference in taste, the taste of export cigarettes is relatively light, because foreign people like to smoke cigarettes with low tar content, so our exported cigarettes will reduce the tar content of cigarettes, so the taste will be slightly light, but this is not a fake cigarette, but a genuine one. In addition, the packaging of exported cigarettes will be changed according to the country of export. Some countries will require cigarette cartons to have pictures of smokers' canker mouth or black lungs, so exported cigarettes will also be printed with these pictures. Compared with domestic cigarettes, the packaging of domestic cigarettes is more beautiful.
Many people like to export cigarettes just because they are cheap, but now you can buy Newport and Marlboro cigarettes at a much cheaper price from our USA cigarettes store. These are the lowest discount prices. If you are also a big fan of Newport or Marlboro cigarettes, hurry up and buy them!

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