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Wednesday 23 September, 2020 | RSS Feed

Do you know who first proposed the concept of second-hand smoke?

Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health, but there are still some people who smoke. Not only do they smoke first hand, but they also smoke second hand. Second-hand smoke is mainly composed of two kinds of smoke, one is the smoke of smokers' exhalation, known as mainstream smoke; One is the smoke produced when a cigarette burns, called shunt smoke. A nonsmoker who is exposed to secondhand smoke for more than 15 minutes once a week is considered a passive smoker. I can't finish a meal in 15 minutes. If someone smokes in a restaurant, the entire restaurant will be "smoked." So second-hand smoke is also harmful to many people's health. But do you know who put forward the concept of second-hand smoke? This is the person you wouldn't think of, but most of you have heard of, the person who hated smoking so much, and who launched the first nationwide campaign against smoking, and that person was Hitler.
Hitler because in living by the dangers of tobacco and suffering from a variety of diseases, all he was very against smoking, also ordered a nationwide ban, in order to promote the campaign, Hitler also anti-smoking laws to supervise and participate in the drafting and implementation of, and in 1939 set up the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, harm, and in 1942 established the association against the dangers of tobacco.
And with the full force of the Nazi government, Germany became the most influential anti-smoking movement in the world in the 1930s and 1940s. Smoking is banned in maternity wards, welfare homes, streets, trains and buses. It has also banned smoking, along with women.
Nazi Germany under Hitler was the first country in the world to demonstrate a link between lung cancer and smoking. As early as 1941, Karl Astor of the University of Jena established the Institute for Harmful Tobacco Research, which Hitler personally funded, and Lentz H. Muller and Schonier first used case-control epidemiology to establish the link between smoking and lung cancer. Although Hitler was a war maniac, we can't argue with his contribution to the smoking ban.
So even if you smoke, you should follow the rules of smoking. You should go to the smoking section to smoke. In this way, you can reduce the harm caused by second-hand smoke. Of course, it's best if you don't smoke.

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