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Hong Kong's famous cigarettes

Cigarettes are sold all over the world and every country and region has its own brand of popular cigarettes. For example, Newport Cigarettes and Marlboro cigarettes are popular in the United States. In China, Chunghwa cigarettes are popular. so do you know which cigarettes are more popular in Hong Kong?
The first is Gold Hong Kong, which sells for 12 yuan a pack. When smoked, this cigarette has a kind of tree mosses taste, with a light burnt sweetness on the taste. The aftertaste is relatively clean and the fragrance is very sweet, which is popular among local people.
The second is the Gold Macau, which sells for 11 yuan a pack. Although it looks fancy on the outside, it has a lot of local characteristics. This cigarette has a light taste and is very suitable for beginners.
The third was Durffee Deluxe Red, which was sold for 10 yuan a pack. This cigarette pack is not bad, very layered, golden color, looks more noble. But the smoke is messy, the flavor is very strong, and some spicy, can be said to be extremely difficult to smoke.
The last one is marlboro (ice blue beads) Hong Kong version, priced at 23 yuan a pack, more expensive. However, many People in Hong Kong like to smoke Marlboro cigarettes. As an economic metropolis, People from different countries gather here, so many people prefer to smoke foreign cigarettes. This Marlboro Cigarette has a very strong mint flavor. When you pinch off the burst beads, you almost always smoke the mint flavor, which is very cool. This cigarette has a very good taste.
If you go to Hong Kong later, do you know what cigarettes to buy now?